Commercial and domestic CCTV Systems

Here at Yorkshire Security Systems we pride ourselves on providing cost effective security systems that are easy to use which will protect your property and assets. We have many years of experience maintaining and installing CCTV systems with minimal disruption to your home or business. We provide state of the art analog and IP HD CCTV systems. Gone are the days when CCTV systems recorded onto tapes where you needed the footage but the tape had run out. All our CCTV systems record onto state of the art hard drive recorders and are easy to use. Our CCTV cameras also have built in night viewing, so minimal outside lighting is required. Our CCTV systems start from £799 fully fitted with a year’s warranty.
All our systems can incorporate worldwide access remote viewing by mobile or computer subject to your internet connection / speed.

HD IP CCTV with full HD quality 3mp 1080p recording and mobile viewing with number plate recognition and night viewing state of the art technology. 

CCTV cameras are a must have for any commercial or domestic property, not only do they work as a deterrent to put burglars off from robbing your property, they provide evidence if required and also give you and your family, staff and customers peace of mind that they are safe, secure and protected. Our team of security specialists has the experience to design and install high quality systems tailor made to your requirements.

Remote monitored detector activated CCTV systems 

We offer fully remotely operated CCTV systems - should an intruder enter your property then the external CCTV detectors will activate in our control room bringing live footage on which they can then monitor the situation and issue audio warnings via speakers on site deterring intruders on your property. This will decrease your risk of being broken into.
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Do you have a CCTV system installed already but would prefer it maintained by us? 

We can take over many types of CCTV systems fitted by other installers, so if you would like us to look at your system that’s no trouble at all. We can also provide replacement recorders, monitors, cameras or full system upgrades using state of the art technology using the existing wiring installed already if in good condition.
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