Alarm Installation for Your Home and Business

Here at Yorkshire Security Systems we provide cost-effective alarms for your home and business. With over 8 years’ experience installing and maintaining burglar alarm systems, we ensure your property or business premises is protected.

We offer minimal disruption to your environment, state of the art wired and wireless burglar alarms and highly experienced engineers. Our Burglar Alarm systems start from as little as £399 + VAT.

We pride ourselves on installing easy to use alarm systems that can be set either with a code or proximity tag for trouble-free setting and unsetting; alarm systems that can incorporate movement sensors, vibration sensors, door and window contacts, smoke detectors and high powered external sounders with flashing strobe lights.

All our external sounders incorporate LED warning lights to act as a visual deterrent to potential intruders.Our alarm systems can also be connected to the phone network by telephone line or GSM. This means that when your alarm system activates, it can be programmed to call you and/or your key holders to notify you of any potential problems.

Police Response

Signalling types we install:

  • Digital Communicator with key holder response only


The products below can have police response and key holder response:

  • Digital Communicator
  • Redcare Classic
  • Redcare Gsm
  • Dualcom (GPRS) only
  • Dualcom (Grade 2)
  • Dualcom (Grade 4)


Do you have an alarm system already installed, but would like us to maintain it for you?

We can take over and maintain most types of burglar alarms for as little as £70 + VAT (subsequent to our first visit), where we call and provide you with a detailed report outlining your current alarm systems effectiveness and make any recommendations if repairs or upgrades are necessary, we will also discuss with you if your existing alarm system meets up to date industry standards.


System Upgrades

We offer full alarm system upgrades for replacement sensors, external soundeers and new control panels. If your alarm system looks outdated from the outside of your property, then potential intruders will take the view that it may not be in working order.


Smoke Screen Systems

Smoke Screen generators are incredibly powerful security fogging solutions that reduce theft, deter criminals and protect your home or business. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, the system fills the room with safe, harmless smoke that debilitates and disorientates the intruders within seconds, causing them to make a hasty retreat, leaving your valuable assets secure.

Our smoke screen systems does no damage to your property and leaves no residue behind after deployment, meaning you can get straight back to business with no hold-ups, no mess and no fuss.

Smoke is a very effective means of preventing crime and protecting your property, if you have smoke screen systems in place, this can also significantly reduce your insurance premiums.

If you would like to discuss any of our Alarm Systems, call our alarm installation experts on 01274 569522 for a free consultation or complete our simple contact form and we will be in touch with you.